The purpose of this project is to provide a simple, easily extendable graphical front end to one of the most popular Linux anti-virus suites: ClamAV. A BASH script that uses Xdialog to give graphical functionality, it provides the user with either a "wizard" environment (a series of questions which are browseable in that they may move backward and forward through them) or a menu driven environment to setup basic virus scanning.

It currently supports selecting a directory to scan; the option to scan recursively; to scan within mbox style email; output logging and/or displaying; showing only the infected files in the output (summary); if logging is chosen, whether to output to the screen aswell; saving the settings for future use (although this needs some work) and actually running ClamAV with the chosen options. The ability to save and restore settings is very rough-around-the-edges, but it does work... just.

It requires Xdialog to operate, but should work with other dialog clones (dialog itself, cdialog, kdialog, etc, etc) with very little effort. It requires Clam Anti Virus. It is architechture and OS independent. Due to using Xdialog, it requires only an X environment, however, the use of other dialog clones permits other environments (including the Command Line).

Coming soon...

For more information, please email thymox at users.sourceforge.net